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Exterior Murals
The mastering of craft and science now allows you to customize your commercial or residential design projects with distinctive tile murals of any size. These richly detailed tile murals are created by infusing artwork, digital imagery or photographs into ceramic, porcelain, travertine or glass tiles.
If you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact Images In Tile to discuss.
Q: How much will these murals cost?
A: Images In Tile is a wholesale manufacturer, and custom quotes nearly every project through a wide variety of retailers and distributors. Contact Images In Tile for consultation. 417-206-0252

Q: Will my mural look exactly like the image I submitted?
A: Images In Tile strives to produce the highest quality image reproductions. Color reproduction will vary based on the tile body selected for your project. If we feel we cannot achieve satisfactory results, we will contact the customer to discuss.

Q: How long will it take Images In Tile to produce my mural?
A: IIT typically ships your mural within 2 weeks from the day we receive your order/image.

Q: Can I use any tile for this process?
A: Nearly. Should you chose a tile IIT does not stock, additional freight,longer lead times, and testing must take place. Please contact IIT for consultation. 417-206-0252

Q: What if I break a tile during installation?
A: Images In Tile will supply a limited number of replacement tiles at no additional cost. Shipping on replacement tiles is not included. The number of replacement tiles is contingent on the size of the project and will be specified in your order confirmation. For this purpose, we keep a digital file of every mural produced for a period of 3 months from date of shipment.

Q: Where can I install these murals?
A: Nearly anywhere! Specific tile bodies are appropriate for different applications. Contact Images In Tile for consultation. 417-206-0252

Q: Can these tiles be installed on the floor?
A: Images In Tile has developed a glass tile that can be installed in both residential OR commercial floor applications.

Q: Can these murals be installed outside?
A: Please contact IIT for consultation. 417-206-0252